This is an Int Gold announcement sent to us on 9/28/2005

Dear IntGold Account Holders,

Internet Gold Inc., its staff, and management would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere appreciation to all existing account holders that have installed faith and confidence in our team and system. A major part of any corporations’ routine is to recognize any potential areas, management feels, could have a positive impact on its daily business. Internet Gold Inc. strives to deliver an expedient, cost effective, online payment solution. Over a period of time we have had many requests from account holders to add Interest bearing accounts for the benefit of all account holders in the system who decide to keep funds in their accounts.

Referral Commissions

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome our new referral commission accounts to all existing as well as any account holders who open a new account with IntGold. This will enable all account holders who have previously referred people to open an account with IntGold as well as any new referrals into our system going forward the ability to receive a percentage of all transaction fees when the account holder you referred receives funds in our system. We will begin paying the referral transaction fee commissions 1 October 2005. You will begin to receive transaction fee commissions on all account holders you have previously referred to our system on the effective date. Anyone opening a new account will automatically have the ability to do referrals from day one. IntGold will pay a commission of 5% of the transaction fee each time a person you refer receives funds in there account. This will also include when a person funds there account directly thru IntGold and a trans
action fee occurs when the funds are placed in the account. You will receive via e-mail notification as well as the transaction showing up in your history that you have received a commission payment.

Your affiliate link for IntGold to refer new account holders would be: , just replace the 0's with your account number.

Take a few minutes to consider referring new account holders to our system and continue to receive referral fees every time that account holder receives funds in there IntGold account. The fees have a potential of adding up very quickly so insure you take advantage of this situation and let other individuals/companies know about this new commission feature. And remember because our system is in real time 24/7 your commission will be paid into your account instantly upon your referral receiving funds in our system. Just remember to verify your account so you can use your commissions freely in the system, however your referral commissions will be paid immediately into your account when a transaction occurs, no matter what your verification level is. Again feel free to let your friends and associates know about it, after you start referring or make commissions in your account, we would greatly appreciate your assistance in providing us with any comments, suggestions or recommend ations you may have to improve the process in all areas. Just send an e-mail with your comments to with "referral commissions" in the subject line.

Interest Bearing Accounts

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce our new Interest bearing accounts to all account holders who open a new account with IntGold. This new interest bearing account will be available Friday September 30, 2005 at 9:00 am central standard time. At that time anyone opening a new account will automatically have the option of choosing an interest bearing account. Any existing account holders at that time may login to their account and choose the interest bearing option. Keep in mind you will only be able to choose this option one time in your members area. Remember you may have more than one account, so you can have your current account and also open a new account to be an Interest bearing account.

If you choose to open a new account and you are a current account holder just log in to the new account and print off your verification letter for your new account. Make sure you write the account number on the verification form of your current account and as long as the information matches on both accounts you will receive the same verification score.

The Annual Interest rate is 1% APR paid monthly every 30 days

Take a few minutes to consider opening an interest bearing account. The Interest rate is setup on an annual rate just like your conventional banks interest bearing accounts without the regular fees and stipulations associated with this type of account. The interest will be paid directly into the interest bearing account every 30 days. You must be a verified level 2 account holder and maintain a minimum balance of $300 or more during the thirty day period in order to receive interest on the funds in the Interest bearing account. Your monthly interest payment will be based on the lowest balance in your account during that 30 day time period. The time period for receiving interest on the interest bearing account will begin when you open your account and every 30 days thereafter you will receive interest on the interest bearing account as long as you maintain balance equal to or greater than $300 during that 30 day time period.

Transfer Fee Adjustments

Also effective 1 October 2005 transaction fees within the system will remain at 1% however the maximum amount will change from $1.00 to a maximum of $1.25, this will not have an impact on those transactions of $100 or less, these transaction fees will remain the same. As an example if you received $50.00 from another IntGold account holder you would be charged as you are now a .50 transaction fee and receive a net amount of $49.50 in your account. If you received $500.00 from another IntGold account holder you would be charged $1.25 (which is the new maximum amount) and receive a net amount of $498.75 in your account.

We will be adding additional new features to the system based on comments received by account holders as well as internal management & staff input. Again thanks for considering our newest addition and stay tuned for improved features. This is all part of new development to enhance the growth and stability of our system.

Thank You,