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We recommend our training above these programs of course. We are really pleased to be able to say this. The training you will find in our members area is unique and fills in the "meat" not yet present even in the best eCurrency mentoring programs.

In the long run our comprehensive program will save you money and wasted time. We are certain enough about the huge quality difference of our training material that we will list the competing trainers below. We use the Mazu training product to get you started and then provide you with step-by-step video instructions on how to become successful using a combination of many hard-learned eCurrency lessons.

You will learn in days what it has taken some of us YEARS to learn. You will not find a more skilled, concise, or educated Ecurrency Merchant Exchange think-tank mentoring system on the web!

1.  e-book   69.00

2. formerly sold the same product we do. We simply offer more strategy and more preparation for where the DX in One system is going.

3. We have no comment on this program but would suggest that you avoid it. 

4. Offer a basic tutorial and strategy for starting.

5. Yet another 49.00 e-book.

6.  Free info. If only it were as easy as this guy says. You can learn with free websites but you will need am unbelievable amount of time. 

7.  A great audio presentation but way too expensive.

8. A good place to start, but not a place to end. If you have huge amounts of time, check it out. 

 9. combination-mentoring marketing program.

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