What do we know about Virtual Gold?

What do we know about Virtual Gold? Although there is no office location given on the website is owned by "Virtual Gold Ltd" of Seychelles Corporation. The purpose of the company is to enable their own currency as a Global Digitqal Payment System (GDPS).

Virtual Gold LTD funds all moneys with gold that is backed by actual bullion that is stored in secure facilities like e-gold and e-bullion. In the Virtual Gold LTD system, a gram of gold is "VGg". A VGg is equivalent in value to the US dollar and is used transactionally inside the Virtual Gold system. On the Virtual Gold website they list the VGg fluctuations that are provided by the TheGoldCompanies at For more information about Virtual Gold LTD, please visit their website at

We are investigating the company on and will update you with any new information. Currently VirtualGold is an approved ecurrency service accepted by DXinOne. Please see on the DX website.


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