What do we know about Int-Gold?

IntGolds 9/28/2005 announcement

Int-Gold is an unusually responsive ecurrency company when it comes to helping agents who use them within the DX In One system. There have been stories of people who have sent money to the wrong person or account (a big no-no within DX In One system), and Int-Gold has actually helped people remedy these errors.

Int-Gold (for Internet Gold) is located in Greenvile Texas and was founded in 2002. They also give you access to an InGoldcard ATM debit card system when you are a qualified member. Their overall web security is a 128 bit Secure Socket connection encryption connection. Additionally, they charge very low fees compared to other ecurrency companies- as low as 1%.

There was a stink about Int-Gold not being a certified corporation with all of its tax papers in order, etc. we researched this fairly well and discovered that they have filed all the appropriate paperwork to the Feds, but it has not all been processed yet. We hear only good things about their customer service department. Some of our associates have attempted to contact IntGold in order to withdraw funds from their Int-Gold account. They requested payment by check and Int-Gold responded promptly with check by mail. All said and done, this took Int-Gold about 3 working days. We have heard of other people receiving a check from Int-Gold the next business day minus overnight mail costs.

Like many other ecurrency systems, Int-Gold uses a point system to determine your level of authentication. We have listed these Int-Gold levels and requirements below. 

Level 1 - 1 point - $0.00 max per 30 days
Level 2 - 2 to 6 points - $250.00 max per 30 days
Level 3 - 7 to 9 points - $2500.00 max per 30 days
Level 4 - 10 points - $5000.00 max per 30 days
Level 5 - 11 or more points - Unlimited
Intgold Points system

All the following can also be sent by a PDF file to

1 Point -
E-mail verification
1 Point -
Faxing or mailing to the office at the address listed below the signed affidavit here.
2 Points - 
Faxing or mailing to the office a recent utility bill or bank statement where name, address and phone number listed in IntGold match.
3 Points - 
Copy of recent home or cell phone bill where name, address and phone number listed in IntGold match, faxed or mailed to office.
3 Points -
Copy of Drivers License or Tax ID card mailed to the office (faxed if readable will be accepted)
5 Points -
Copy of Social Security Card or Passport or if a corporation a stamped copy of corporation/registration including EIN# & documents listing officers and details of location and type of organization mailed to office. (Faxed if readable will be accepted) Signers on corperate accounts will need to provide a picture ID, Drivers License, or Passport.  


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