What do we know about e-Bullion?

Getting money into E-bullion.


Getting money into e-bullion is described by some as a strange experience. At least it feels risky the first time you try to deposit. Basically when you sign up for an account, you have the option to purchase e-bullion using Wells Fargo National Bank or Bank of America. (There are other option that are also available to buy bullion.) The first time you go through the process of buying ecurrency from ebullion, it feels a bit like a leap of faith. They give you an anonymous bank account number and expect you to drop your cash via bank teller, into the named account. (Yikes).

Furthermore, the bank of Wells Fargo really doesn’t know squat about what "e-bullion" is or what ecurrency is for that matter! When we first attempted to put money into the e-bullion system, we ended up climbing the corporate ladder of Well Fargo all the way to a presidential representative on the west coast. He still had no idea what the heck "e-currency" was or what the e-bullion corporation was.

So we took a deep breath, did a couple of hail Marys and deposited one thousand dollars into a strange e-bullion account. (Money we could afford to lose, of course).  A day or so later, the money did show up into our account, as promised and we did use that money to bring ecurrency into the DX in One system.

A student of ours deposited money and became equally unnerved when the money did not show up the next day. Be forewarned, the money most likely will not show up in your e-bullion account the very next day. The money finally did show up the following day, and we have never heard of a problem getting money either in or out of e-bullion.    


E-bullion (ebullion) Who the heck are they?

We found the most cost effective way to put funds into your DX in One system is to use ebullion. Ebullion is a gold backed electronic currency located in the Republic of Panama. We consider this company to be slightly more secure and stable than e-gold. They also have a more secure and robust servers network worldwide. It is probably more hack-proof than e-gold.

E-bullion uses a corporation called Goldfinger Coin & Bullion Inc. ("GFCB") to convert various national currencies into electronic currency and back again. GFCB is a corporation located in Deleware (USA) and manages all bullion services for the e-bullion Company. This means that GFCB handles the allocation, acquisition, transfer and storage of precious metals like Gold AU, Platinum PT and Silver AG. They perform all administrative functions and defend the bullion via insurance and legal protection. They also process the liquidation of reserves that back the e-bullion customer accounts.  

GBRC was chosen by e-bullion to manage the precious metals because they have decades of experience trading in Gold, silver, Platinum and Palladium. The company owns and leases treasury grade bullion storage vaults in Los Angeles, Delaware, Zurich, and Australia. Unlike e-gold, the bullion reserve backing the e-bullion system is allocated and remains the property of the e-bullion company and account holders.

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