Iris Scan PDA encryption technology

The ecurrency hack issue is an ongoing challenge that has lead to the creation of the Iris Scan technology by DX in One. The upcoming Iris Scan PDA will replace the old username and password login by scanning a members iris. This is an incredibly high security encryption technique scrambling millions of bits of data- making it almost impossible to hack.

This iris scan encryption technology will allow a single user to manage and access multiple accounts and run multiple portfolios in the DX in One system. This type of encryption technology makes DX In One one of the most secure and e-mobile ecurrency merchant services in the world.

DX in One iris scan encryption technology will make cash transfers both anonymous and safe from unauthorized ecurrency hackers. When the PDA unit arrives, it will be accompanies by a patented DX In One credit card that has a short-term memory for security purposes.

The iris scan PDA payment system is patented by DX in One. Imagine having access to such technology with corporate clients depending on you to manage their transactions. This is not science fiction, but a forthcoming reality. Train with us today. Learn the DX in One system so that you are prepared to become an Ecurrency Merchant Exchange agent.

We will provide more information on the PDA when it is released.

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