Thoughts on DXinOne's Newest Releases


Q. The current credit card and other payment gateway options protect the consumer, and their system seem to protect the merchant, i.e. - once money is transferred you can get no refund unless the merchant agree to it. So consumer acceptance would be a road block.

LeRoy: DXG protects both the merchant and the consumer. DXG can function similar to escrow. For example, the money paid from the consumer cannot be accessed by the consumer nor the merchant until the consumer verifies that the transaction was legitimate, thus releasing the funds to the merchant’s acct. For example, the merchant ships the product after the money is paid, and the consumer releases the funds after receipt and satisfaction that the product functions as advertised/desired. As a backup, a consumer can complain to DXSupport, who will then freeze the acct of the merchant until the matter is resolved. Since an acct being frozen for a day or two will result in missing out on a lot of profits, the merchant will want to resolve the matter quickly. This is the advantage to DX from a merchant having large PFs, large console float amounts and ID docs.

Q. Someone also mentioned that with the speed money is being exchanged out of the system, a merchant may not want to wait that long to get his money, as supposed to other options like PayPal.

LeRoy: Merchants may not feel the need to take money out of the DX system quickly in the future. There could be several reasons for this. One reason would be if the merchant is able to spend DXG for shopping or if the merchant’s suppliers accept DXG and if their suppliers accept DXG. An idea which is unrelated to the first part of this answer is that, as (or maybe I should say “if”) DXG gains widespread acceptance, the movement of funds into and out from DX will naturally become more fluid.

LeRoy: DXG offers security advantages over the predominant options of today, e.g. credit card accts, PayPal. Today’s options lack security not only in hackability, but also in terms of fraud and reversing charges. I guess this is more closely related to your first point than to your second.

I believe that we are seeing only the tip of the DX iceberg.

It is interesting for me also to note the parallel shifts occurring in the field of eCurrency and the market in general.