How do I get qualified for a 'console' in DX In One

As of July 21, 2005 the qualification time for a console is supposed to be 90 days with a required TDV (total digit value) of $5,000 or more. This is an unconfirmed report and we will wait for the official DX In One response. This is an argument for getting started right away.

Again, the qualifications appear to be 90 days with an active portfolio. You don't have to open your portfolio with 5,000 dollars but you need to have earned or acquired the eligibility via TDV. With this in mind, it makes sense to invest and move towards that TDV amount. I'm not saying you should hold your breath for a console. We received ours quite unexpectedly, and you probably will too. Just make sure you meet the requirements.

Switching from the old DX-Gold system to the new DX In One system was a switch from a "6 day" session to a one day (24 hours) session. The six day session allowed for more time to deal with accounting issues. In the 24 hour session there is far more reporting and far more "red ink" inside the system. We recommend that you keep a level head and don't have knee-jerking reactions to all the new bells and whistles. This is a new system with a whole new ecurrency timeline. Yes, it does require that you be on top of things faster than the old system.

Try not to lose sleep over your digot performance in a 24 hour period. Instead look at your overall 10-15 day digot performance. If you were in the old system, getting used to a 24 hour DX In One period may take some getting used to.